LPG Only

48 P/Litre

Domestic LPG

35 P/Litre

Gas Cylinders

From £10.00

Bulk LPG

Call for Best Price!


Now Selling Propane Bottled Gas!


Sick of paying too much for fuel? then visit us and save more money!


Propane Bottled Gas from as low as 10.00 click here!

Delivery around Birmingham

Brand new bottles conforming to UK and EU standards

Can be used for Heating, Cooking and Forklifts

Bulk deliveries available for Business use


[more info on pricing - click here]


Why Birmingham Autogas?


Many years of experience in the LPG Industry


UK LPG Approved We use the latest and best performing equipment


Our refuelling stations have the best prices and service


We fill the car for you in our stations


24 Hour refuelling and discounts with our Triscan System


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Triscan Fuel Managment System


We also have another branch in Tyseley: 82-106 Speedwell Road, B25 8HH. Only Autogas refuelling. 9-7 Mon-Sun. 


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