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Birmingham Autogas has many years of experience in the LPG Industry, We are UK LPG Approved We use the latest and best performing equipment. With robust refuelling stations throughout the Midlands we can assure you that we have the best unbeatable prices and services, furthermore our customer service is second to none as our assistants will fill your car whilst you relax within your vehicle in service station.

Birmingham Autogas have some of the lowest prices in the UK for LPG Vehicle Conversions and are the largest Autogas converters in the Midlands converting all makes of vehicles from Toyota's, BMW's to the Ford F150. We have a wide choice of tank shapes (ring, cylinder) and sizes (30L-100L+) to fit any vehicle and are fully UK LPG approved and provide the certification required by insurance companies. Our installers are fully trained and certified providing professional and friendly service using the latest generation of fully sequential injection kits to which you have a wide choice from different manufacturers to suit your budget Your vehicle is always test driven to ensure that everything is performing as it should and we are so confident we also provide your first LPG servicing for FREE.

We also have a 24 Hour refuelling and discounts system with our Triscan, click here to read more...

The Advantages

Increased safety for yourself and other motorists
The vast majority of petrol and diesel tanks are only just strong enough to contain the fuel. In car crashes these tanks often deform during impact resulting in a possible safety risk to the immediate area. An LPG tank has to contain liquid fuel at pressure thus it is far stronger then a petrol or diesel tank. It is safety tested to strict European regulations and standards. These tests are far more vigorous then tests conducted on petrol and diesel tanks and thus LPG tanks are many many times stronger then petrol or diesel tanks. So in the event of an impact the LPG tank is less likely to deform then a petrol or diesel tank. In the rare event of a gas tank leaking, the tank is designed to leak gas at a extremely slow rate which would not ignite in case a ignition source is present.

Petrol and diesel fuel systems have a safety mechanism known as an inertia switch which cuts off the fuel supply if the vehicle has an impact. However in the event of a fuel pipe rupturing without a sufficiently strong enough impact then there is a large possibility that there will not be a strong enough force to activate the inertia switch.

In an LPG system the fuel system is connected to the inertia switch and there are relief valves which will cut off the fuel if any or all of the pipes are ruptured.

Considering all of the above there is virtually no chance of your vehicle catching fire due to the installation of an LPG system.

Never run out of fuel again
Once the LPG kit has been installed, you will have two fuel tanks in your system. you can use the petrol tank as a reserve and backup which willl be extremely useful in the event that you forget to fill up your gas tank.

Save the environment and breathe in cleaner air
LPG produces virtually no SO2 (Sulphur Dioxide) and CO (Carbon Monoxide). SO2 produces acid rain which erodes marble and limestone which is used in buildings, it acidifies fields and crops and can result in hard water if too much acid rain is deposited into a fresh water reservoir. CO is the main reason why there is so much smog and pollution in large cities, it also increases the greenhouse effect.

Studies have shown that CO can lead to an increase in asthma and lung related illnesses.

Increase the longevity of your vehicle
Engine wear and tear is reduced due to absence of combustion products from petrol.

Corrosive acids from petrol combustion damage engine components by eroding their surface and clogging up engine oil. The acids dissolve into the oil, thereby diluting the oil and reducing its ability to lubricate engine components.

Another by-product of petrol combustion is carbon, this is deposited around the engine in various amounts. Over time these deposits can block certain components and reduce their capacity. As surfaces have more carbon on them, this results in friction which can slow down the air/fuel intake of the engine.

All these factors contribute to reduce engine efficiency and power output. The lack of sufficient lubrication results in engine component wear and tear and eventually into component failure. LPG has also been proven to triple the longevity of exhaust systems, this is due to the absence of petrol and diesel by-products. 

Assumptions: petrol price £0.86 per litre, LPG price £0.38 per litre.


The 15% drop off in mpg when using LPG has been included in these calculations.
This is dependant on your vehicle, how much you travel, the price of petrol and the price of LPG.


LPG, Autogas Services

LPG Refuelling

Autogas will change it's size when pressure and temperature change. Basically you will get more gas into a tank on a cold day with high ambient pressure then you would on a hot day with low ambient pressure. European countries use different fillers, you must find out the make and type of your filler and contact major LPG suppliers such as nationalautogas to obtain the correct adapter.

We also offer fund us photography, which records the condition of the back of the eye, and is an essential part of the examination of a person with diabetes. Any visual needs relating to your occupation are discussed, and any recommendations are passed to our dispensing optician, who can then advise you on the most suitable lenses and frames.

LPG Servicing

Your LPG system should be serviced every 12 months and as part of our servicing, we check the following:

1. We Check the following components thoroughly and replace components if needed:

LPG Filters, LPG Solenoid, Piping and fuel lines, Regulator, Injector, Wiring, Tank, LPG filler

2. Analyse the performance and efficiency and make adjustments if required
3. The security and positioning of all components is checked
4. Check for leaks using professional equipment
5. If you had your LPG system installed by us then your first 1000 mile service is free

Domestic Services

LPG Heating & Cooking

In rural areas where there is no gas supply, the best option is to use propane to heat your home. This can either be done with an external tank in your back garden or if space is an issue then a number of Propane cylinders outside your property.

LPG is the best alternative for mains gas in commercial properties and can be used to heat offices and power kitchen appliances and power areas which are cut off from mains electricity.

We also provide Butane bottles, which can be used with a compatible indoor heater. These bottles can be used inside a house and are not recommended for outdoor usage in cold weather. It can be used for portable heaters, caravans and barbeques.

For Cooking

Professional caterers often use propane cylinders for cooking as it is a cost efficient and versatile alternative to mains gas.


Benefits of LPG:

Cylinders can be used for mobile catering vans
Controllable flame for optimum cooking temperature
More environmentally friendly then oil
Burns cleanly, virtually no soot or smell
Lights instantly with immediate full heat


LPG Forklifts

We also provide LPG cylinders for use in forklift vehicles, these are often cheaper and quieter to operate then diesel alternatives.

Benefits of LPG:

Lower initial purchase cost of vehicle
Fast refuelling
Lower fuel cost
Less wear and tear

Whatever your needs, we provide the safest and most cost efficient setup tailored to your needs. Whether it be bulk LPG or cylinder LPG we have the right equipment and expertise for the job required.


Bottled Gas Cylinders

Bottled Gas Cylinders

Birmingham Autogas now sells its own Gas cylinders, these have a large variety of different uses.

47KG Propane Bottles can be used for:

Domestic central heating
Cooking for a dual fuel oven
Professional Catering
Static Caravans/ Mobile Homes
Heating commercial properties
And Many other uses

19KG Propane Bottles can be used for:

Mobile Catering
Heating commercial properties
Cooking for a dual fuel oven
And many other uses

We also supply 18KG Forklift bottles.

Our cylinder prices are amongst the cheapest in the country, if you are a new customer then you will just have to pay a one time £25 deposit for the bottle after that we will refill the bottle for you or exchange it with one of our other bottles.

If you would like to change your supply to Birmingham Autogas contact us on 0121 326 7171 or email us via our contact form. We can offer very competitive prices and should be able to beat most quotes.


Propane Cylinders

Propane in it's natural form is a gas but it can be compressed to a transportable liquid, it is usually produced as a by product of natural gas processing and petroleum refinining. All propane fuels contain an odorant so in the event of leaks people can easily smell the gas. It's main uses are for: fuel in engines, barbeques, portable stoves, commercial cooking, industrial welding and domestic heating. It is generally stored and transported in steel bottled gas cylinders in a liquid form. There is a space for vapour in the cylinder as propane expands at 1.5% per 10 degrees Fahrenheit. There are various regulators used depending on the task the cylinder is used for.

Safety Issues

  • When handling the cylinder, do so slowly and with care. Remember when full the cylinder will weigh more then the displayed weight.
  • Always use the protective plug when the cylinder is not in use and ensure the valve is set to the off position.
  • Cylinders should always be used and stored in an upright position.
  • Never use propane cylinders indoor, propane cylinders are designed for outdoor usage.
  • If cylinder is empty or will not be used for a long period then return it please.
  • Keep Cylinders out of direct sunlight and heat sources. Do not use or store next to doors, windows, cellars, etc.

Legal Information

All propane Cylinders supplied by Birmingham Auto gas are the property of and may only be filled by Birmingham Autogas.

Bulk LPG

For Residential

Whatever your need, be it heating your home or cooking professionally we have the solution. We supply Bulk LPG throughout the Midlands and can do further away depending on circumstances. Bulk LPG is an ideal solution if you have no mains gas in your area. It can be used for heating your home, cooking and for heating water. Usually LPG cannot be installed in built up inner city areas and areas where there is already a mains gas connection, most customers for Bulk LPG are from the countryside.

A safety examination on your property and surrounding area would have to be conducted, as LPG tanks need to be a certain distance away from domestic properties. Depending on the situation a fire wall might have to be constructed. Once our site inspectors have examined your property we will determine if we can install an under or above ground LPG tank. Then you will be presented with the various choices of tanks and installation/payment options.

For Commercial Business

Usage Whatever your need, be it heating for your home or cooking professionally we have the solution. We supply Bulk LPG throughout the Midlands and can do further away depending on circumstances. Professional caterers often use Bulk LPG even though mains gas is often available to them. This is because it allows for a stronger flame with more variability for the control of the cooking, you can easily adjust strength and intensity.

LPG Tanks can also be installed in commercial and business properties where suitable, these can be used for a number of things from refilling on site forklift LPG cylinders to heating the property. Whatever your commercial need for LPG be it heating poultry farms, operating fork lifts, motor home parks or selling Autogas we can provide the right solution for you.


Fuel Management System

Triscan Fuel Managment System

We now accept card payments for Tag top-ups over the phone, ring 0121 326 7171 during Mon-Sun 9-6 and give the relevant details.

Please ensure you give your tag number and correct details for your card including the registered post code and address of the card.

Receipts will be saved inside the Cashier's hut (Star City branch) and are available to pick up for 7 days.

  • Use our Triscan Tag system to get 2 pence off every Litre!
  • Simply Pay a £10 returnable deposit for the fob and pre-pay £100 or more to receive a automatic 2 pence off the pump price
  • The Litres added to your account stay there and do not change regardless off the price changing
  • Once activated you can use the system 24 hours a day provided you have credit remaining
  • Deposit from £20-£300, this allows you to pre purchase gas at low prices and still gain the benefit when the prices increase!


Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost to convert my car?
Fully Sequential injection kits start from £900 inc VAT and Warranty, the total price depends on your car, the kit and optional items such as flashlube or a larger/extra tank. A few LPG installers still use old mixer systems, these systems are around the £700 mark. These systems are only suitable for older non fuel injected cars, they should not be installed on fuel injection engines.

What will Happen to my car?
A kit will be installed in your engine and a extra fuel tank will be added to your car, this is normally placed in the boot, however we can change this if desired. A filler also must be installed, this can be underneath the vehicle if desired thus avoiding changes to bodywork. A switch will be installed near the dashboard, the position of the switch is up to you. All of our kits automatically switch to gas within a few minutes of the car being turned on, they also automatically switch over to petrol when the gas has ran out.

How long is the conversion process?
For the majority of vehicles this will be one to two days. Our staff pride themselves in quality and will not rush the conversion process thus for some vehicles it could take up to five days.

Will my performance be affected?
Due to the quality of the latest sequential kits there is virtually no performance loss in converting your vehicle to LPG. However you may notice a quieter and smoother ride. There is on average between 10-15% loss in MPG when you run your vehicle on LPG. However the savings you will make due the the price of LPG makes the loss in MPG insignificant.

Is there any warranty?
All out kits come with a 2 years parts & labor warranty.

What paperwork will I have to deal with?
You must inform the DVLA and your insurance company that your vehicle has been converted to LPG. Some insurers require that the installers be UK LPG approved. We are fully LPGA approved and provide the certification required by the insurance companies.

Are there any safety issues?
Our fuel tanks are extremely safe and come complete with safety valves and cut off switches incase of a fire or emergency situation. All of our tanks are European standard and safety tested. All our tanks are fitted to LPGA safety guidelines (COP11)

Is LPG commonly available across the UK?
LPG (often advertised as autogas) is sold at many fuel stations nationwide and new sites are being opened up all the time. For example, here in Birmingham there are 5 sites available within a 5 mile radius of our garage.

Is LPG available in Europe?
LPG is easy to find in most European countries although it is more commonly known as autogas or GPL. You will need a adapter in most European countries, it is recommended you find out the make of your filler and contact major LPG suppliers such as national autogas in order to obtain the correct adapter.

When I change my car can I use the same kit?
Yes its possible to remove the kit from your old vehicle and install it on a newer one.

What kind of Tank can I choose?
There are two types of tanks that we fit, a cylinder shaped tank and a ring shaped tank. They are available in sizes from 40L-100L+. Special Underslung tanks are also available at an extra cost.

It is possible to have more then 1 tank on a vehicle, some car owners have a ring tank under the vehicle and a cylinder tank in the boot?

All our tanks are fitted with safety valves and are compliant with EU and UK regulations.

How does an LPG conversion affect the resale value of my car?
Your vehicle will have a higher resale value for a number of reasons.

More people are finding out about LPG all the time, in a few years time it should be common knowledge amongst the average consumer.

If you sell your vehicle with the kit then it will increase the sale value by quite a bit even if you decide to sell your vehicle without the kit it will still increase the value due to the fact that autogas is a cleaner fuel and causes less wear and tear then petrol or diesel.

Price List

LPG Conversion Price List

  • *4 Cylinder Vehicles | King:£799 | BRC:£999
  • *6 Cylinder Vehicles | King:£1000 | BRC:£1400
  • *8 Cylinder Vehicles | King:£1250 | BRC:£1600
*Kits include: Kit, Tank, 2 year warranty for both parts and labour
*Prices include installation and VAT

These prices are for the average vehicle, higher powered cars will require different components and will cost slightly more. Please enquire if you are unsure whether our kits will fit your vehicle and require a quote. When contacting us please provide your vehicles details such as: Engine CC, cylinders, year of make, model and BHP.

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Prices for Propane/Butane

  • 18 KG Propane Bottle for £15 including vat
  • 19 KG Propane Bottle for £16 including vat
  • 47 KG Propane Bottle for £40 including vat
  • 13 KG Butane Bottle for £15 including vat
The returnable deposit is now £25-30 Bottles can be delivered for a small fee, ensure empty's are available to swap. £25-30 returnable deposit required for each bottle, ID required. For installation of bulk tanks or large amount of cylinders please contact us for the best price. We accept Cash and all major credit and debit cards. There is a extra 3% fee when paying by credit card, there is no fee for debit cards. All credit and debit card transactions are securely handled by Payment Sense.

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